The children of the poor must be thus educated at common expense. Today, grants and scholarships open doors for students from low–income families by providing financial assistance for those who need it most.

In order to support students from low-income families for their education Socio Ecnomic & Educational Development Organization offeres programmes where SEEDO helps them avail international Scholarshilps.

Somke Free Gilgit Baltistan

Smoke-Free Gilgit-Baltistan is a one year project (February 2019 to January 2020) funded by the Campaign For Tobacco Free Kids to Reduce Tobacco Use, and the project is implementing by Socio-Economic & Educational Development Organization (SEEDO) Gilgit-Baltistan.

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Ceo’s Message

I am immensely delighted to note that SEEDO has made a lot of achievements since its setting up that can be seen, in its horizontal and vertical expansion, by establishing a Liaison Office at Rawalpindi and its partnering enterprises—like PBC, GBVTI, GBTS, and GRA. An important dimension of the ballistic speed advancement of our organization is that, with our technical and financial backstopping 4 more ventures have also been formed till to-date. By seeing these accomplishments, we anticipate that, in the time to come ahead SEEDO would become, the major catalyst to bring sustained economic growth in GB, by culminating and reaching to highest social and professional progressive hallmarks—that would bring a greater economic boost and result in enhancing the quality of life of people of our society and country.
Our major mandate is to bring economic transformation through enriching the youths and professionals of GB, with the latest and most modern skills and secondly, our passion is to see every child of our society and country in the school, through offering highly attractive incentives, in the shape of, free tuition fee, free uniform, free text books and notebooks, free lunch box, so that nothing could prove impediment for the children who are still out of schools, and they are deprived from their brilliant career and bright future.

Nonetheless, the developments we are beholding in our daily life in GB, has taken remarkable change, as compared to past four to five decades, yet what other societies of advanced countries have seen and they are currently enjoying, we are still terribly lagging behind. Thus, a lot of work needs to be done, on top-priority basis, to bring economic development that could bring at par with the modern societies of the world, and make the people worry-free for at-least the utilities and the basic amenities of daily life. SEEDO has made the commitment to not only see the dream of prosperity and even the masses of GB could materialize the progress in their practical lives as well.

We are greatly determined to see SEEDO—the hub of social, commercial, and professional activities which would be helpful in assisting the people, in different areas that could prove to attain self-reliance and self-sufficiency. In the series of our major accomplishments, we have a deep resolve, to do our level best in reducing the rate of unemployment, first of all, from the Gilgit-Baltistan ‘the Jewel of Pakistan’, and later from our country. Thus, so far we have created job opportunities to over 15 youths, thus we have the deep conviction that this number would remain increasing, with every passing day. A gleeful aspect of our website is that, SEEDO had already developed it one year back, yet that needed vital editing and fine-tuning to make the site in line with the international benchmarks. Thus we have developed a website that is fully in harmony with the latest global standards coupled with its fascinating and amazing content.
Inter alia, we have inducted many other highly skilful and talented professionals, yet we look forward for making many more achievements and accomplishments.

Aziz Karim


Quit Smoking Campaign

every time you try to quit smokinig actually you are getting closer to staying smoke free

“To become a better you, remember to be grateful to people who have contributed to making you who you are today.”

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