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When you donate to the Socio-Economic and Educational Development Organization(SEEDO). Your generosity is immediately put to work helping build a great community and world. Depending on the program you choose, you can help save lives during emergencies or give the community a better life.

We can’t do any of this without your support. Socio-Economic and Educational Development Organization(SEEDO)is 100% voluntarily funded, so every donation counts. Donate now and we’ll keep you updated on how your generosity is making a difference around the world.

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1- Please deposit all your donations to our online donation bank account as per detail below:

  1. Bank Name: ALLIED BANK LTD
  2. Title of Account: SEEDO
  3. Bank Account Number: PK19ABPA0020063564870013
  4. IBAN: 758044478
  5. Swift Code: BCHASU533

2- Please make a crossed cheque in the name of “Human Development Foundation – Donation” and post the cheque to the following address:

SEEDO (Socio-Economic & Educational Development Organization)

Head Off: KIU University New Road Sonikout Jutial Gilgit

Ph: +92-5811454410 Fax: +92-5811454410 Cell #: +92-311-1200104

Rawalpindi/Islamabad Off: Malikabad Shopping Mall F-74 Near 6th Road


SEEDO (Socio-Economic & Educational Development Organization)