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CEO Message

Message from CEO SEEDO GB

I am immensely delighted to note that SEEDO has made a lot of achievements since it’s setting up that the organization has established many of its auxiliary commercial enterprises—like Hunza Home Industry, GBVTI, GBTS, GRA, and Shine Traders with a view, to move on the projects which can serve to bring economic upliftment and advancement, for the target beneficiaries of our region – GB.

By seeing these accomplishments, we anticipate that in the time to come ahead SEEDO would become, the major catalyst to bring sustained economic growth in GB, by culminating and reaching to highest social and professional progressive hallmarks that would bring a greater economic boost and result in enhancing the quality of life of people of our society and country.

Our major focus is on United Nation sustainable development goals (SDGs), set forth by, the Govt. of Pakistan thus, we always try our best to serve the nation and country, in line with the SDGs, which have been formulated by our national policymakers, economists, and strategists, thus we are absolutely focusing to synchronize, our working approach, with the contextual background of SDGs, so that, the best results could be achieved. We draw inspiration from the cliché ‘think globally and act locally.’ For this purpose, we think high yet start serving the people, at the grassroots level, so that the fruits of our efforts could reach the common man of our society, and this working methodology is greatly hailed by the rank and file of our region.

We currently focus on CPEC opportunities and diversified public awareness campaigns that start yet not limited to health awareness, road and safety awareness, as well as the awareness of the hazardous elements of tobacco-smoke use, and so on.

Our on-going projects are tobacco-smoke free GB, road, and safety campaign, organizing of international days, organizing of medical camps at far-flung areas of GB, scholarships, and so forth. Our past achievements were assisting to get scholarships for students, in many colleges and universities in eastern and western world, technical and professional training courses, cultural advancement, helped the out-of-school children to enter into school, provided free uniform, free syllabus books, and notebooks, so o and so forth.

We believe that, in the history of SEEDO, our major achievement is to make greater efforts to stop tobacco-smoke use in GB, as this menace was spread by the mafia for their commercial and personal gains, now it appears that, GB is going to declare as ‘a tobacco-smoke free region’.

We feel the pride to pen down here that, we declare the year – 2019 as the best year for SEEDO, for our major accomplishments, in the fields—such as – our successful campaign on tobacco-smoke free GB as well as for following and achieving on our vision of youth development and economic upliftment. We hope that similar achievements and milestones would also be accomplished, in the time to come ahead.

Thank you for visiting our website and taking some time to see our on-going projects and past achievements.

Aziz Karim